Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venice, Florence & Rome

My top three places in Italy. What's not to love? The charming architecture, the history, the romance and overall beauty of these incredible cities. I have been very fortunate to be able to visit these cities, and sometimes more than once!

Not only did I want to showcase these locations, but also promote my good friend, Roger Paperno. He is by far one of the most incredibly talented photographers I've had the pleasure to work with. In addition to being a stellar photographer, he is a co-author in a book series regarding Café Life in these cities. 

His most recent book, Café Life Venice, explores a select group of family-run establishments. However, because Venice moves to the stroke of its very own gondola paddle, you’ll be drinking less coffee, eating less gelato and sipping more wine. This may be good news to some of you. The Venetians do love their wine, and you’ll see them loving it at almost any time of day in one of the city’s many bacari. The bacaro is a cross between a cafe and a wine bar, where you’ll find locals knocking back an ombra (Venetian for glass of wine) and eating cichetti (tapas-like snacks) as they stand at the bar. 

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