Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hues of the South Pacific

Well, I have started to think about what to take on my Tahiti trip (I know, poor me) next week and I will be bringing a few of my must-have items in tow. Other items I cannot forget will be my gadgets, such as my MacBook Pro, Canon camera and my shiny new iPhone.

I'm so fortunate to being going back to one of my favorite places on earth. Each time I visit I am truly  amazed by the natural beauty of these islands. I look forward to the sweet smell of the local tiare flower, hearing the song and dance of the graceful Polynesians, tasting the local fruits and there is one thing that I cannot leave without having - the mouthwatering vanilla creme brulĂ©e.

The breathtaking warm waters are so striking and mesmerizing because of it's range of colors. Believe me, photos cannot do it justice. The spectrum ranges from a clear baby blue color to a deep rich navy. I'll be sure to post some photos soon - until then, la orana.