Friday, March 5, 2010

The village of Port Clyde, Maine

Maine. If anyone knows me, then they know that Maine is my ultimate inspiration. Could it be the fresh salt air, or the smell of wildflowers as you drive Route 1 towards Port Clyde, or maybe the incredible food - sweet lobster with hot melted butter, fresh codfish just caught hours before, or the homemade blueberries muffins my Mummy makes every morning.
   Port Clyde is a small picturesque fishing village, located on the tip of the St. George Peninsula, approximately 2 hours from Portland. My Mom and Uncle own and manage the Ocean House Hotel (center photo) - an 11 room Inn that is full of rustic charm. Within walking distance, you have an art gallery, the Dip Net restaurant, the Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum (Tom Hank's Forrest Gump movie was filmed there), and the Monhegan Boat landing that takes you to the artistic island of Monhegan.
   The atmosphere is charming and quiet, as there are no stoplights in Port Clyde - there is one General Store, one post office and two churches. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy Maine as a home-down place, then this is your destination.
*Ocean House Hotel, 870 Port Clyde Road, Port Clyde, Maine. Please call 800-269-6691 or 207-372-6691 and ask for Bud (my uncle).

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